Reactions as lady confronts woman for begging continuously despite already giving her transport fare

Bold lady confronts elderly woman she assisted with transport fare for still begging from others, takes back her money.

She shared the video to her Tiktok page, @lisalawrence334, where she emphasized her dislike for nonsense.

The elderly woman approached her on the street claiming she was stranded while asking for transport fare to get to her destination.

Out of the goodness of her heart, the young lady decided to help her out.

However, she quickly demanded a refund when she discovered that the woman was also begging from others despite getting more than enough.

Netizens reactions to the lady’s video

@Bira ❤️❤️bea🌸 said: “You for no collect the money back my sister this life is spiritual”

@Not_ur_mate_ claimed: “No be today na why I no dey pity them again 😂”

@THERESA🐰💞 added: “Diz woman wen i give 2hundred naira she say i for give her 5 hundred instead😂😂😂”

@Ambitious agreed: “E reach to collect money back😏 na so one dey use her fine small girl that time for roundabout😏I warn her one day since then I no see her again😂😂”

@Desire events & Suprise claimed: “Na Dubai she wen go….she Dey gather d transport 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

@sarh.moji asked: “Why is no one talking about her gold! 😂😂”

@ty_phili commended: “Nice, collect your money. Everyone is going through a lot and struggling, you should not take the easy way out by begging. Sometimes, the money the giver gives you maybe the last money on him/her”

Watch the video here…..


So this woman lied to me that she lost her transport and i helped her and she said the same thing to my friend i hate rubbish 😡i went@GossipMillNaija @Instablog9ja #gotoviral #fyptakeover #fyp my money back 😂

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