Reactions as groom wipes off lipstick of bride before kissing on wedding day (Video)

During a wedding event, a groom makes a highlight by cleaning off the lipstick of his woman when asked to ‘kiss the bride’.

A video making the rounds on social media captured an awkward moment between a couple during the part where they were meant to lock lips romantically.

The groom already had a handkerchief in his hand while anticipating the moment to wipe off his bride’s lipstick. The lady, however, was shocked for a second but played along to avoid making a scene.

The groom cleaned her lip multiple times before obliging to the ‘kiss the bride’ order made by the event’s MC.

See some reactions that followed …

Thrifts_colony wrote: “The kind things ppl dey marry these days get as e be.”

Abumtrendy noted: “This doesn’t look cool 😮 it’s a bit embarrassing.”

Mo_organic stated: “Make we reach house, you will tell me weytin you see for soup before you fold your hands to the back ….”

O_tony penned: “He for just pretend for this one na. It’s part of her make up for one day. They can sort out the no lipstick kissing part at home.”

Bola_Bugatti_ wrote: “This is the type of man that will wipe the wetness off the P***y before going in 😢they see wet vjay as loose , they prefer it’s dry and hard to penetrate. Mtscheew. That lipstick is part of her dressing , her wedding look and dude took time to wipe it off , that’s not cute. Marriage don dey look shady from wedding reception. Some men are eranko.”

Watch the video below …

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