Reactions as clergywoman Funke Adejumo educates single ladies on how to behave when visiting their parents in-law for the first time (video)

Nigerians on social media are reacting to a video of Clergywoman Funke Adejumo educating single ladies intending to get married on how to behave when visiting their parents-in-law for the first time. 


While preaching recently in her church, the clergywoman said;

‘’As a woman, when you are going on that first trip, you don’t go with a gift or something too big, maybe just a basket of fruits or a wrapper for mama.

When you get there, depending on your culture. In my culture, we kneel to greet elders. As a Yoruba girl, you will kneel down and remain on your knees and let your eyes look down. It’s not that you will be staring at the mama and the baba and everybody there, Let them tell you to stand up before you stand up. 

Even if you are an extrovert, please pretend that day”

She said whenever the parents ask the lady to stand up, she advised that the lady should ensure she sits on the very first seat 

‘’Don’t walk around the length of the house. Just enter and sit down. When you sit down, you may not realise, they may be watching you from the keyhole because you have gone there for your entrance exam. Your own is more than the man. Remember what you wear will not be something you will be looking for a scarf and then one high heel show that will make you shake. Be as comfortable as possible. Not that your cleavage, everything is opened. 

If you must look around, turn your eyes, not your head. 

If they ask you any question, answer briefly.”

She went on to advise that ladies should not interject in any discussion the would-be parents-in-law are having. Adejumo advised against finishing the meal served. 

‘’If the meat is tough, don’t pull it. Just leave it like that and make sure no oil spills on your dress. Carry your plate.”

She went on to say ‘’why Am I pretending, someone would say, she answered ‘ No I am being diplomatic’’

‘’Carry the plate, go to the kitchen and wash. Some of you, you go to your boyfriend’s house and you wash your plates, We are talking about your in-laws now”

Her advice has elicited reactions on social media. While some agree with her, others argue that they rather be themselves than pretend just to get any approval from their would-be in-laws.


 Watch the video and the various reactions below…

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