Rascal politician, Dino Melaye visits pastor David Abioye and Faith Abioye with his Rolls Royce


Accidental politician, Dino Melaye remains a show man for life!

The multi-billionaire billionaire brought out his white Rolls Royce to visit the overseer of the winners chapel in Abuja.

Dino recently relocated his family to the United States before returning to Nigeria to continue his showbiz flashy lifestyle where he flaunts his wealth in a distasteful show of opulence while promoting captions like “Gods Child”, “Na God” and “The Lords Doing”.

Dino Melaye has served 8 years as a legislator and 4 years as a senator during which he was a very influential and outspoken figure in the Nigerian political scene.

He has been sacked from his recent senatorial post but decides to keep himself on the news headlines through frantic moves and associating himself to people of value like Pastor David Abioye

Photos below;