R Kelly heading to court again for peeing on cellmate

The pied piper of R&B/sex offender Robert Kelly will appear in court again for sexually abusing a 21-year-old cellmate.

According to the victim’s lawyers, Mr. Robert Kelly promised his 21-year-old cellmate vocal classes when they became cellmates a few months ago. Their classes became something else when Mr. Kelly started making sexual moves on his victim who eventually submitted to Kelly’s needs.
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“His fetish of peeing on people still exists. He peed on our clients on several occasions and forced him to give him fellatio. Robert promised our client a record deal, he told him he’ll use his outside connections to get him a record deal when he gets out. Now our client is out, he has herpes and no record deal.”
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“What we are seeing is a pattern here, Mr. Kelly knows how to manipulate people for his sexual gain no matter where he is. I won’t be surprised if other inmates come out with similar allegations.”

Ronald says he hopes Kelly will settle with his client before they go to court.

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