Queen Elizabeth tests positive for coronavirus


Information gathered by Tontrends indicates that Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, has tested positive for Coronavirus.

The news was confirmed by the Royal Palace.

According to a report by UCR, Queen Elizabeth may have contracted COVID-19 after being involved in a meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who was earlier diagnosed with Coronavirus.

Queen Elizabeth is reported to have shown mild symptoms of Coronavirus.

However, the Palace indicated that Queen Elizabeth’s condition is stable and is being quarantined.

She quoted the palace saying, “HMQ has also tested positive and is currently self-isolating at Windsor Castle. The Queen came into contact with the Prime Minister on the 11th March and is following all the appropriate advice with regards to her welfare”.

Currently, Queen Elizabeth is out of Buckingham Palace to spend the next few weeks of self-isolation at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip as she goes to good treatment to recover from the virus

See the screenshot below;