Publicity Stunt? It’s been several weeks since Halima Abubakar put to bed, Yet no signs of a baby!


Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar is one of the controversial celebrities in Nigeria, the curvy actress has been involved in a few scandals over the years.

In the first week of April 2020, Actress Halima Abubarka announced to the world that she welcomed a baby boy.

Congratulations followed suit and many expressed their surprise as she never spoke about being pregnant before the announcement.

In less than 24 hours, the actress found herself being dragged on social media by an American mom who confronted her for stealing her baby’s picture.

This further raised doubts in the mind of many, if the actress was pregnant and had a child-like she claimed or it was just for clout

In the Nigerian entertainment industry, our celebs can do anything for publicity as we have witnessed the likes of Skibii fake his death, so its no wonder why it’s easy to doubt these public figures.

Soon after, Halima apologized and claimed her baby was born premature and that’s why she couldn’t show him and was left with no other option than to sort for internet pictures.

“He will be discharged tmr from icu.i didn’t post cos he was premature. God saved him. I just had to post this. For the people who didn’t see me, I have no close friends. I can’t show you a fragile child, I risked this just to post,” she wrote.

Well, its understandable but its over a month now and all we have been seeing are pregnancy photos which she never revealed before her announcement.

Now the question is, is a month not enough for Halima to show the baby that landed her into a big controversy?

We are used to celebrities hiding the face of their babies, so no one is expecting her to show a full baby.

Just the way she stole a baby picture that showed just the hand of a baby, she can easily snap the hand of her own and show, right?

If truly in the incubator why is there no picture no show for it? Well, some will say she owes no one an explanation!

But the truth remains that she does, the moment she decided to bring it to social media, stole another woman’s baby picture without consent, she does owe us a picture of her baby and its been over a month without nothing.

This has further made me doubt if there was ever a baby, to begin with, and until I see Halima with a baby, I’m still in doubt.