PSquare ought to have sang ‘E no easy’ this period, so we can feature some people to express their feelings in verse 3 – Peter Okoye opines

Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye of PSquare has opined that one of the group’s hit track titled ‘E no easy’ would have been best released at this period when Nigerians are experiencing so much hardship.

Peter also known as Mr P took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts with his followers.

According to the father of two, the song would have made so much sense in the current economic meltdown and hardship Nigerians are experiencing.

Peter also asserted that some citizens would have been featured on the third verse of the song, to enable the tell their tale. Mr P, however asked his fans about his opinion and went on to ask if a trend should be made with the song.

He tweeted: Na this period we @psquare suppose Sing that “E no easy eh” Make we feature some people to express their feelings for verse 3! How una see am? Make we start Dey challenge?

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