Proud Ogbanje Lady claims God is powerless as she boasts of having supreme powers


A Nigerian lady who claims she is a proud Ogbanje has come out publicly to celebrate the river goddess, Mammy water.

Unlike many Nigerians who associates with Islam or Christianity, a lady named Chinemerem Obieze claims she is an Ogbanje and is even angry that people renounce mammy water because of their faith but are quick to run to the goddess for water to drink and use in their daily activities.

Chinemerem Obieze, 23-year-old, took to her social media pages to sing praises to the water goddess she called eze nwanyi mmiri Eze. In one of the posts, she wrote;

People cast and bind mami water, but when they are thirsty them go look for water to drink,them won bath, cook, wash nah water them go use.

Me I respect and honor you ezenwanyi mmiri Eze…

If I no sing for you my nne mmiri wetin I gain
I love you am and am proud of you nne mmiri m

In another post she made she said:

“Just this min am just receiving a lot of friend request and its because am on insta blog for celebrating my water mother and being proud of where I reincarnated from……those of you coming to find out to know if it’s TRUE yes it’s TRUE and your insults won’t pull me down or make me weak am always proud of who I am and what I am”.

She added that her power is on her face region and she will never allow a pastor to pray for her and touch her so that he does not steal her powers.

Speaking further, she said that it is only in movies that when the name of Jesus is called, people fall down. she then challenged pastors to come to her chamber, call the name of Jesus and see if anything will happen.