Prostitutes aren’t hard to identify-here are 5 ways to know if she is a cheerful giver


This article contains important information that could save you a lot of hassle, potential embarrassment and time wastage. Many men have found themselves in situations where they need to determine, quickly, if the woman they are talking to is a prostitute. Perhaps you brush up against her at the mall or catch her eye while lifting weights at the gymnasium.


What if you are at a concert, and the girl behind you decides to ride on your shoulders? Is she a lady of the night? I don’t know. Maybe. You can’t be too sure. Here are some ways to evaluate the situation.

1. Her Dressing: They usually dress skimpily making it easy to earmark them. This is as well aimed at arousing feelings among men and lure them into making love moments.

2. Carelessness: Unlike other women who strive to conduct themselves in the best way possible while in the public places, they do not really care about what you think about them, their dressing or the heavy makeup. They also are in groups gossiping and winking at men. It’s also not rare to bump into them throwing insults carelessly.

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3. Locations: They hang out around well-known brothels, the most popular ones being along the ever busy roads. Here, they go as far as provoking passersby and will give you a little chase in the event that you show some interest.
4. The number of phones she has: This is common sense. Many prostitutes will carry two cellphones: one for their personal life and another for their life. More often than not, when a beautiful lady who has two phones, especially if she checks both constantly. She will tell you the second phone is a “work phone,” this is a cue to knowing who she truly is.

5. The way she/they’re standing. Usually people who are having a conversation tend to automatically make a circular formation in order to see everyone’s faces, meaning some of them will have their backs to you – unless they have a reason not to. Making love workers who are looking for clients are like actors on a stage, in that their faces need to be visible to the “audience” most of the time, so even when they’re in a group and talking to friends, they’ll be angled in a way that allows them to see the street. That said, they might just be a group of friends waiting for a bus or taxi that’s late, but it’s one thing you can look for.

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6. Her shoes. Street workers tend not to wear flats, and they tend not to wear heels with straps and buckles. Shoes with buckles take time to put on and off. Flats are considered and they’re no use as a weapon if a client gets aggressive. There may be some exceptions, but in general, women who solicit on the street wear slip-on heels or zip-up boots.

Alone, none of these things are definitive, but they’re hints that can help you in deciphering who is who. Cheers

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