Prostitute ‘Stuck Together’ With Man Who Died During Se x, Surgically Removed From Dead Man(Video)


– An elderly man died while having se x with a prostitute

– The woman stuck to her client was rushed to hospital to separate them

– “Pe nis captivus” is the medical term for when the pe nis is held captive by the vag ina during se xual interc ourse

A bizarre video showing paramedics transporting a dead man with a prostitute on top of him to hospital has recently surfaced online. According to various reports, an elderly man passed away during se x with a prostitute, who accidentally stuck to him and was unable to set herself free.

While the exact details of what happened are sketchy, the incident is believed to have taken place somewhere in China.

In a viral video the deceased and the se x worker are seen being rushed to hospital by paramedics for surgical separation.

The pair are covered by a blanket to hide them from prying eyes of the baffled onlookers.

While some sources claim the video is a hoax, death during se x is uncommon. It can occur for a number of reasons, generally because of the physical strain of the activity, with he majority of deaths caused by various cardiovascular problems.

Numerous notable cases of individuals dying during or from se x have been recorded and reported including a president, a prime minister, and a pope.

It is also possible for people to become stuck together because of a rare occurrence called pe nis captivus.

It means that during intercourse the muscles in the vag ina can clamp down on the pe nis much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the pen is to withdraw from the vagi na.stuck-c


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