“Prison Break” – Video of young boy trying to escape on first day of school causes buzz online

A video of a young school boy attempting to escape from the classroom on his first day of school has taken social media by storm.

The video shared by @ngwana.meadowlands02, which has gone viral, reveals the chaos in a classroom.

The video depicts a bustling classroom filled with the sounds of crying children and teachers engaged in their duties.

In the video, the classroom was full of upset kids, and teachers were trying hard to keep things under control.

In the midst of all the commotion, a young schoolboy was caught attempting a daring escape, mimicking the moves of Spider-Man.

In a determined moment or perhaps inspired by superhero movies, the schoolboy resorted to unconventional means to break free from the classroom.

Similar to Spider-Man, the young boy climbed the gate to make his escape from school.

Netizens Reactions…
@user7139666633226 said; “Future president iyabaleka.”

@Sinothabo Primrose Ncube shared; “My daughter cried on her first day at school l cried as well and wanted to take her back home”

@Mlungisi commented; “Mandela trying to break out of Robben Island”

@sdodger wrote; “When he becomes a doctor or lawyer one day..show him this video ”

@user3887599696063 said; “Prison Break ”

@Luntu Cawu commented; “I was a Grade R Teacher years ago.January is so hectic/ painful ..was ended up crying also cz one kwakala 1 whole class iyakala.ndibancedise kemna.”

@panda said; “Spiderman ”

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