Princess Shyngle Flaunts Bundles Of Money And Claims To Be A Boss Chick In New Video


Actress Princess Shyngle, has shared a video of herself flaunting money with a caption suggesting she is making some good money out of her business.

Princess Shyngle flaunted bundles of money and narrated how she has helped 15 ladies become their own bosses and making profits as much as she does.

In the video posted on her Instagram page, the actress was seen joyfully dancing to Rudeboy’s audio money, which could imply that she is sending a message out there that she is making real money and not audio money.

She wrote, ” 2020 has been fantastic so far
business has been great selling out everywhere so far so far I’ve turned 15 gorgeous hard working ladies into boss ladies, they’re all making the exact profit as me, my amazing gorgeous distributors I’ll be….”

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