Princess Shyngle exposes Daniella Okeke, Chika Ike, Ama Mcbrown and others for doing surgeries

Princess Shyngle

Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has caused a stir once again after she exposes the likes of Daniella Okeke, Chika Ike, Ama Mcbrown over body enhancement surgeries.

In her post, she lament the fake lives most of the actress are living. she wrote:

By the end of 2020 the entire movie industry in Africa will be curvy women with big ass and small waist and if a producer wants a skinny woman for a role he’ll have to go to another continent to look for slim actress because ours will have massive curves

This our aunty said she got it from her mama , she say everything is natural, I need y’all over here to help me judge this matter Abeg because ayam not understanding something

This our fine aunty is also claiming real body oh. I am not understanding, anyways let us just close our eyes and believe her. She just slept and woke up transformed she’s very beautiful sha