Prince William breaks silence on Prince Harry’s absence from family during coronavirus lockdown


Prince William and Prince Harry had not been on great terms of late, however, things between the two have eased down after their father Prince Charles was diagnosed with coronavirus.

The current condition of their dad’s health has made the two brothers come close, with William breaking his silence on how he feels about Harry’s absence.

According to Us Weekly, a source revealed, “Charles found a great deal of comfort in their conversations while he was recuperating from coronavirus,” referring to Harry and William speaking to each other after their father’s diagnosis.

The source added, “They speak, but it’s awkward,” revealing that Harry’s absence during the global pandemic hurts Prince William. “He’s hurt that Harry isn’t in London to support the family amid the coronavirus outbreak.”

On the other hand, Meghan Markle told her close friend that the crisis has helped Harry and William communicate on a “pretty consistent basis.”

She reportedly has faith in the two brothers as they will “patch things up eventually.”