Prince Harry recalls snapping at Meghan Markle in ‘cruel’ fight that led to therapy

Prince Harry has recalled a cruel fight he had with wife Meghan Markle that led him to seek therapy.
In his memoir titled “Spare”, the Duke of Sussex recalled how he became “touchy” and “snapped” at Meghan when a conversation “took an unexpected turn”.

While he doesn’t reveal what the argument was about, the pair had to separate from one another and spent a “full 15 minutes apart” over Harry’s sudden loud tone towards the former “Suits” actress.
Recalling the fight, Harry wrote: “She was calm, but said in a quiet, level tone that she would never stand for being spoken to like that.
“She wasn’t going to raise children in an atmosphere of anger or disrespect. She laid it all out, super-clear.”

He added that Meghan asked him who had taught him to think that speaking in that manner was okay.

He responded by saying he “overheard adults speak that way” in his family.
“It came from somewhere deep inside, somewhere that needed to be excavated, and it was obvious that I could use some help with the job,” Harry recalls.
Recounting his conversation with Meghan, Harry wrote: “‘I’ve tried therapy,’ I told her. ‘Willy told me to go. Never found the right person.’ [It] didn’t work.”
But Meghan Markle replied, “No. … Try again.”
Harry has hinted at this argument with his wife in the past, telling “The Me You Can’t See” viewers in May 2021 that Markle helped him seek therapy.
Harry explained: “When she said, ‘I think you need to see someone,’ it was in reaction to an argument we had. In that argument, not knowing about it, I reverted back to 12-year-old Harry.”

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