Prince Charles mulls name change to King George


When the day finally (or ever) comes that the Queen of England dies or abdicates and Prince Charles ascends to the throne of England — he’s likely to change his name to King George, according to a new report.

Charles, christened Charles Philip Arthur George, is able to adopt any of these names when he becomes King and, according to the Daily Star, will likely choose George.

The name change would help separate Charles from the former King Charles’ stained reputations (King Charles I was executed for treason while King Charles II was a well-known hedonist known as the “Merry Monarch”).

“It would not just be a tribute to his grandfather (King George VI), but a sort of loving memory to his late grandmother, whom he absolutely adored,” Dickie Arbiter, the former press secretary for Buckingham Palace, told the BBC.

It is not unusual for royals to change their names upon ascending to the throne.

Queen Victoria was christened Alexandrina Victoria, Edward VII’s original name was Albert Edward and George VI’s original full name was Albert Frederick Arthur George.