Prices of ginger, garlic soar in Kaduna as Coronavirus prevention misinformation spreads


The search for prevention against coronavirus and the fear of contracting it has resulted in good business for herb sellers in Kaduna, as the prices of spices have gone up.

Ginger and garlic sellers, Vanguard gathered, are making huge sales, following rumours that they protect users against the epidemic.

Vanguard also learned that an online letter, said to have come from China and had gone viral, indicated that a mixture of ginger, garlic and some herbs was excellent prevention and cure of COVID-19 when taken as a tea.

WHO steps in

However, the World Health Organisation, WHO, has debunked the rumour of spices preventing coronavirus infection, but noted the health benefits of such spices.

A message on its site said: “Garlic is a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties. However, there is no evidence from the current outbreak that eating garlic has protected people from the new coronavirus,” followed by the graphics below:

Meanwhile, Malam Hassan Rufai told Vanguard that his body had changed for good after taking the said spices’ tea-mixture, even as he enjoyed his nocturnal matrimonial duties more than before.

He said: “Ginger and garlic will soon be scarce in Kano market, especially the fresh ones. The traders are hiking the price because people are becoming aware of its importance in combating severe cold and body pain.”

On the veracity of coronavirus prevention, Rufai, a youth leader in Hayin Banki community, said all he knows is that natural lemon was also good in fighting severe cold, as he was talking from experience.