Pretty Mike subs people who boast about their partner’s sexual prowess then come online to cry when their friends decide to “taste” said partners for themselves


Pretty Mike has gone on Instagram to throw subs at people who boast to their friends about their partner’s sexual prowess only to return online to cry and make threats when same friends decide to try out their partners to see for themselves.

The socialite wrote:

You can’t talk about ur sex life with everyone except ur partner..I mean if ur man got a good stroke? or ur babe’s head game is on point?or if ur guy is walking with 10” and ur woman really knows how to Back that Ass up (pls keep it to urself)
But nah, y’all be out there advertising ur partners, den cry at the end, when y’all find out that the same people y’all were busy telling about ur meal has gone behind ur back to taste the pot of stew ??‍????‍??…… Bayo na u tell ur guys say madam market Dey sweet, Boys don help u taste the market finish, don’t go an kill urself on Snapchat with all these ur quote about bad friends, the blame is on u.