Presidential election tribunal: Tinubu releases bombshell, gives 9 reasons Atiku lost to Buhari

Presidential election tribunal: Tinubu releases bombshell, gives 9 reasons Atiku lost to Buhari

Bola Tinubu has said Atiku and the PDP were defeated at the tribunal because they based their arguments on imaginary server.

Presidential election petition tribunal had on Wednesday, September 11, dismissed Atiku’s petition filed against President Buhari’s victory at the poll.

The former Lagos governor said that Atiku was given the chance to prove his case but he did not produce the requisite evidence.

The national leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has finally revealed why the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, was defeated by President Muhammadu Buhari at the presidential election petition tribunal.

Our Agency reports that the former governor of Lagos state in a thread of tweets on his official twitter page, on Friday, September 13, said that Atiku and his party were given free hand to prove their cases against the president’s victory at the poll, adding that the former vice president only based his arguments on imaginary server.

The presidential election petition tribunal sitting in Abuja, had on Wednesday, September 11, dismissed the petitions filed against President Buhari’s victory during the February 23, election.

Tinubu said that the rule of law came to the defence of democracy by affirming the sovereign will of the people expressed during the February 23 election when a vast compelling majority of the electorate cast their ballots for Buhari to serve a second term in office.

He noted that the court did its job by following the law of the land, adding that as a Nigerian, he was proud to see both sides of the dispute behave with utmost civility and decorum despite the weight of the matters at stake.

The APC leader, therefore, states some reasons Atiku and his party lost at the election tribunal:

1. Former vice president Atiku and his legal team put forth some imaginative, if desperate, arguments as was their right. They fought vigorously for their positions and were allowed to do so without pressure and without fear.

2. No one used the power of the state to intimidate them in court just as no one used the power of the state to intimidate them during the election. As the court affirmed, the election was free and fair and the final result should stand.

3. The PDP claimed that President Buhari was unqualified to run for office. To his credit, President Buhari took this assault against his character with customary grace. The court thoroughly vindicated him.

4. Based on his education and the experiences gained through his fine career, the court determined the evidence presented by Atiku, showed that the president was eminently qualified and had done nothing untoward in his election filings with INEC.

5. Atiku also placed unfounded reliance on the assertion of the use of card readers to send election results to an imaginary server. The court found that the operative law did not provide for the alleged electronic transmission of polling booth results.

6. Atiku could not present evidence that such transmissions ever took place. In fact, such transmissions were technologically unfeasible. Card readers were not meant for this task and the purported mystery server was but a phantom in the PDP’s mind.

7. To their credit, Atiku’s team argued and pressed their case energetically; but in the end their claims were based on things that existed only in their minds. They were arguing what they wanted to have happened not what actually took place.

8. The court, on the other hand, can only deal with facts at hand not the imaginings of the mind. Most importantly, the court found that the election was properly conducted and that President Buhari won by the wide margin counted and recorded by INEC.

9. Atiku was given the chance to prove his case. In the end, he did not produce the requisite evidence. This failure was not from lack of trying; the failure was because such evidence simply does not exist. President Buhari won the election openly and honestly.

He, however, said that Atiku could decide to continue with the claims or he could take the more prudent approach by accepting the express will of the people and placing his ample talents in the service of the nation in his private capacity.