Presidential Election: Dele Momodu reacts to rumours of Atiku ‘Selling Nigeria’ to his friends

Dele Momodu has said rumours that Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party might sell assets and companies in Nigeria to his friends if elected as President are baseless.


Momodu, a spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council spoke while fielding questions on Arise TV’s Morning Show on Thursday.


Momodu said: “On the issue that he would sell Nigeria to his friends, it is part of the ignorance that we find in the political cell in Nigeria; ignorance because today every one of the presidential candidates is talking about privatisation.

“When he [Atiku] said [it] in 2019, they attacked him. So that is the difference, and that is why today it is clear you can see all the adverts on the front page of the newspaper. Today, it is Atiku Abubakar, [whose] time has come.

“He has matured from that 1993 thirty years ago when he competed against Chief Moshood Abiola and Baba Gana and he was humble enough to step down for Chief MKO Abiola; he was supposed to be a running mate to Abiola, but he didn’t get it, he went home.”


Stressing that Atiku is the kind of leader that Nigeria needs, Momodu claimed: “All the nations of the world are already meeting in Atiku’s house in Abuja, he is discussing with them. He has said that before, [that] one week after he has been announced and he takes power, he would be able to announce his cabinet, it would be a government of national unity.”


Momodu added: “He is the only one who is ready from day one. The others are busy fighting; if they are not fighting the leadership of their own political party are, they are busy telling lies and all these high polity theories they have never put to practice.”


This is coming less than a week after a spokesperson for the Tinubu, Shettima Presidential Campaign Council, Adamu Garba, insisted that Atiku plans to sell national assets to himself if elected into office.

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