President Trump says he’s surprised by Barr’s remarks about Obama and Biden


Trump said today that he’s surprised by Barr’s comments that Obama and Biden wouldn’t be criminally investigated, when asked about it as his roundtable meeting.

Trump was in the roundtable meeting when the comments were made by Barr, so as he notes, he hadn’t yet heard them firsthand.

Even so Trump said he was surprised to learn of Barr’s comments, noting that he believes Obama and Biden knew what was being done to him and were participants. He said it seems pretty serious, but doesn’t know with respect to them whether it was criminal.

Trump did point out the double standard though, saying that he guarantees they’d be going after him if he’d done something like that. But it wasn’t a ‘double standard’ attack on Barr. Rather Trump was just pointing out generally what he believes to be true.

He added that he depends on AG Barr to handle this investigation, as he has chose to stay out of it. And he said Barr was an honorable man and would do the honorable thing.

See the video below: