Portable Ties The Knot: Bride’s Facial Expression Causes Mixed Reactions

The facial expression and cold gestures of Portable’s bride during their ceremony has sparked up a lot of reactions from fans online.

The popular Nigerian singer, Portable, decided to kill 2 birds with one stone as he celebrated the naming ceremony of his babymama’s second child and also used the medium to tie the knot with his babymama.

The ceremony which happened in Ogun State on the 21st of June had a lot of attendees.

In a video of the ceremony circulating the internet, Portable and his bride, Zainab Badmus, could be seen putting the rings on each other’s fingers.

While Portable seemed full of life and joyful about the ceremony, his bride, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be reciprocating the same energy.

She wore a frown on her face throughout the video and also seemed cold towards Portable.

This has sparked up mixed reactions as a lot of concerned fans wonder what could be going through her mind that made her act like that on her big day.

Look at some of the reactions below.

Video below….


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