Popular singer praises daughter who won dance competition

Arthur Mafokate and Owami

Arthur Mafokate recently watched his daughter Owami compete in the Inter High Dance Competition.

Owami and her dance crew came in second overall and walked away with the award for Best Voluntary Dance Crew.

As always, Arthur was bursting with pride and took to social media to boast.

Arthur Mafokate is one celeb who is a dedicated and super proud father. He recently went to watch his daughter Owami compete in an Inter High Dance Competition and overflowed with pride.

Despite having gone through a pretty stressful and trying time, one thing.

Arthur never compromised on was his children. Arthur never misses a single one of Owami’s shows. Even though he has other children whom he loves dearly, Owami is clearly the apple of his eye.

Owami is a talented young lady who has her head screwed on straight. She is just about to complete her matric and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

After watching Owami compete in the Inter High Dance Competition, Arthur took to social media to gush over his baby girl. Owami’s dance crew won Best Voluntary Dance Crew and came in at second place overall.