Popular crossdresser and beauty guru James Charles celebrates 21st birthday today


James Charles Dickinson is an American internet personality, beauty YouTuber and makeup artist. In 2016, he became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. As of 2019, his networth is estimated to be US$12 million. Soon after launching his YouTube channel, James dominated the internet with his unique looks, fierce personality and unquestionable talent.

With a swing of his catchphrase ‘Sisters’ this 21-year-old internet legend has more than 15 million YouTube subscribers and close to 20 million instagram followers. Young Charles became an overnight internet sensation after he insisted on retaking his high school yearbook photo to accentuate his cheekbones. He tweaked his head to make his highlighter pop and that photo went viral all over the internet. Newly minted millionaire, Charles has bought a beautiful home and continues to make YouTube videos for his 15+ million subscribers.

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