Popular Blogger Opens Bobrisky’s Can Of Worms


In the 3rd week of February 2020, Nigerian Male Barbie, Bobrisky had taken to social media to disclosed that his driver had eloped with his money and white Mercedes Benz.

Well apparently, the Nigerian cross-dresser who has recently had a fall out with some close friends and associate, has been frequently accused of living a life different from what he shows on social media.

Over the weekend, he was in jail for mismanagement of funds in the business deal he had with the lady who owns bob-wings. A business, Bobrisky lied was his and he used that to cheat the owner and cornered money to his account.

Well, the news coming to light has revealed that Bob’s claim in February about his stolen Mercedes Benz was false as nothing of such ever happened but was a plan to cover up his track.

“Dis dude was my former driver…. He has stolen from me severally but he always beg and I do let it slide. At some point, I sent him away just to avoid stress for myself. Last month he called me to beg again that he want to come back and work that he has changed. He said his boss sent him away from where he was working at d moment and he is so broke that he doesn’t have money to feed. Because my heart is so clean towards human I allow him to come back again.

“Now he has stolen from me again. Dis time is even worst. I gave him my Benz cla 300 to drop at Benz office in IKATE lekki to fix a sound am hearing on d right leg on the 9th of February 2020. When he was going I gave him 200,000 to hold In case there is anything we are changing in d car and d workshop fee since I was traveling.

As revealed by popular blogger, Gistlover, Bobrisky had borrowed part of the money he used in completing the payment of the Benz, a car he claims was bought by his bae.

Bobrisky’s failure to pay back the money he borrowed led to fear that the person he is owing could come to seize the vehicle thus he came up with the story of his driver eloping with the Benz.

This was to save him some face in case news spread that his Benz was seized and he could easily deny by saying he had earlier disclosed that it was stolen.

Luckily for Bobrisky, the person he is owing didn’t make such move but his secret was exposed after he was seen and arrested over the weekend with the same vehicle he claims was stolen.

Here is what the blogger who opened his can of worms wrote on her page :

“So some days ago Idris(Bobrisky)posted on his page that his driver ran away with her Benz😜well nothing of such happened because he was arrested in the early hours of Friday with the same Benz and the alleged driver(picture of the Benz parked at the station attached above)

Here is the full gist, Bob borrowed part of the money he used in completing the payment of the said Benz(which he claimed its Bae who got her the Benz)no Bae anywhere😂

He is just playing with Y’all head, there used to be an arranged Arab man in Dubai back then but not anymore(the Arab man was arranged by one popular man called Money Man😳🤫🤫🤫)so after Bob failed to pay the person he borrowed the money from as promised, he had to come up with a lie Incase his debtor comes for him and seize the Benz. Well, poor driver, he has to play along to save his job😫😫He couldn’t ask Omoshola for money, as that one too is struggling in Dubai, claiming people’s property just to sell her kayanamata, and she recently bailed Bobrisky of a 4million debt he was owing Miwa the Kayanmata lady.

To live a fake life is hard o, Omoshola is tired but she dares not complain as Instagram will laugh them, once you use bob as your ambassador, he holds you captive, just like what he did to Miwa, your 1.5 million naira deal has not expired and you asked for another 4million naira loan, as fight come to happen now, pay your 4m debt you refused😂You are doing well IDRIS, Ooooinnnnnn, I come in peace.”