Popular blogger Blessing Okoro has been arrested

Blessing CEO and the real owner of her said house

It has been reported that popular Blogger Blessing Okoro has been arrested for claiming ownership of a house that belongs to another man called Onye Eze. A video where she was been interrogated by the police with her hands cuffed has hit the internet. In the video, she has completely denied owning the house.

The news about her lies claiming to be the owner of the house broke during the weekend after the real person who owns the house came out to clear the air and also to tell everyone that Blessing lied about owning the house.

Barely after 48 hours Blessing posted the picture of a 7 bedroom duplex she claimed to have just completed in Enugu, the real owner of the house decided to speak out on social media where he called the blogger an idiot for using another person house to deceive people on Instagram.

After the truth was revealed, blessing still claimed to know the owner of the house and that’s why she took pictures in front of the house she claimed was her own. Showing another house on the street that she said she is the real owner.

It has been discovered that people would do anything to trend and remain in the news because, in this weird situation, Blessing seems to be enjoying the whole attention and is portraying a view that she is not worried about all the insults she has been getting from people.