Policewoman legs crushed after allegedly jumping on the bonnet of moving bus in Lagos

Police checkpoint

A Policewoman who allegedly jumped on the bonnet of a moving bus that beat the traffic light has lost both her legs after they were crushed.

A social media user, Tysalihu took to his page to recount how the Policewoman got her legs crushed after she jumped on the bonnet of a bus when the driver who beat the traffic light refused to stop. He then slammed on his brakes in an attempt to throw her off only for her to be hit by an oncoming vehicle which immediately crushed both her legs.

He wrote;

A bizarre thing happened at that Luth Roundabout, a driver ran a red light, one of the female policemen at that roundabout tried in vain to stop him. She then threw herself on his bonnet, and he began taking away towards the High Court.

He then slammed his brakes, perhaps, in a bid to throw her off. This threw her on to an oncoming vehicle, her legs, both of them were crushed.

I don’t get it…why obstinately put yourself in harm’s way?

The driver was beaten to a pulp. He was a very foolish individual. The cost of running a red light and then stopping is faaaaaar lower than this spiritual problem he’s put himself in.