Policewoman accused of beating her 14-year-old maid to death in Oyo

A policewoman identified only as Omolola, has been accused of beating her 14-year-old maid, Tomiwa Ajayi, to death in Oyo state.

The victim’s mother, Yemisi Jimoh, a Beninoise based in Ogun State, said she handed her daughter to her younger brother’s wife, Kehinde Ojo, a seamstress. Jimoh, who spoke to the Punch, said Ojo took the victim to the policewoman’s house in the General Gas area of Ibadan, Oyo State.

The policewoman reportedly promised to support the teenager to learn a craft while she worked for her as a housemaid. The child’s mother said she agreed to the arrangement after Omolola also promised to take care of her daughter. Jimoh, however, said less than 10 months after the 14-year-old left their house alive, her corpse was returned with scars.

“In February 2022, my sister-in-law, Kehinde Ojo, who married my brother, Fatai, came to me that a woman in Ibadan, Omolara, who was working with the police, wanted a girl to take care of her baby and her house too,” the mother said.

“I accepted, but I told her that I did not want payment; all I wanted was that the family should help me to train her either in school or fashion design. Ojo called the woman (Omolola) who wanted my girl; we spoke and she agreed to the conditions that I gave her. “Since February 2022 when my daughter left my house, it was her brutalised corpse that I received last Friday from Omolola, whom I have not met but through my sister-in-law.

Some days before then, my heart went to my daughter and when I called to speak with her through Ojo, Omolara’s number was either switched off or busy.” Speaking to Punch, Kehinde Ojo, confirmed that she took the victim to the policewoman’s house. “I don’t know Omolola’s surname because a friend just introduced us and said she needed a girl.

I then remembered that my sister-in-law was talking about having somebody that could train Tomiwa (Ajayi), her first child, to school or learn handwork. I quickly contacted her and she agreed to allow Tomiwa to work with Omolara,” she said. “I took her to Omolara in February this year and begged her to treat the girl like her child.

Anytime Tomiwa’s mother wanted to talk to the girl, it’s through my phone. But sometime last week, Tomiwa’s mother was on my neck that she wanted to speak to Omolola, her daughter’s guardian, and Omolara started to evade calls.” The woman said suddenly, Omolola asked to speak with her in private about the child. “Omolola asked me if she could talk to me in private and I agreed, only for her to tell me about the death of Tomiwa through a swollen leg injury.

She asked if it was possible that they could come with the corpse and I said it was alright, but I told my husband about the matter. “My mother reported the case at the Ilaro Police Station, Ogun State, on Friday. But before then, Omolola sent three old men to calm things down; they said they were from Oke Anglican, Ilaro, Ogun State.

“Meanwhile, as the old men were leaving, I took a bike and followed them. Omolola, who said she was in Ibadan, was with the corpse of the girl when the old men joined her. I accused her of killing the girl. Tomiwa’s body was scarred; I am in distress,” she added.

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