Podcaster states that women have more skills to win a war

Popular UK podcaster, Madame Joyce is receiving backlash from Netizens as she opines that women are more skilled to win a war.

She posted the video to her Tiktok page, @madamejoyce, where she discussed the issue in depth with a fellow podcaster.

According to them, women already perform various roles and tasks that require strength which indicates that they can easily win any war.

Listing some of those tasks they claim carrying rice, peeling yams amongst others make women stronger.

However, this video seemed to annoy many internet users who called out the podcasters.

See some of their reactions below

@iamtijani007 said: “Honestly videos like this shouldn’t continue because it’ll gradually change how people see women’s level of thinking. There are millions of intelligent women out there and this empty toddlers shame them.”

@iamphaya wrote: “Too much Netflix 🤦🏾‍♂️.. war has been with humanity since the beginning of creation and men have always been the ones go to war! All the if and buts don’t apply!”

@orjangist stated: “You know these clown purposely talk these shits just to attract attentions”

@CharisToyosi commented: “Making fun of the millitary is bottom barrel behaviour<<<<“ @steveemelie added: “I totally agree 🤭🤭 Please we need massive recruitment in our Armed Forces to help with the fight against insecurity.” Watch video here.... https://twitter.com/i/status/1753407507093979534

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