“Please verify before attacking me” – Yul Edochie’s brother, Lince reacts to reports of maltreating May Edochie

Lince Edochie, the brother of Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has traded words with online in laws who blasted him and his family for abandoning May Edochie.

Lince had taken to the comment section of Yul Edochie’s post to wish him well as he returned to work.

However, many were left displeased with his comment as they slammed him for not showing love to May.

A female fan questioned why he has never congratulated May Edochie on her endorsement deals.

She further questioned if he had approved of what his brother did to her.

Amaka_onuoha: “But why is it that you don’t congratulate her on her recent endorsements?? It seems you are ok with what your brother did to his family… It’s not fair ooo remember that God is watching all of you”.

Another fan lambasted him for unfollowing May Edochie.

She wrote, “really he unfollowed May??”

Reacting, Lince told her to verify before attacking him. He stated that he didn’t unfollow anyone.

teeezellzeee: Really he unfollowed May??

Lince Edochie replied, “Please verify before attacking me. I didn’t unfollow anybody.

Another fan, questioned what May did wrong that made the family spite her.

“What is it dat we don’t know? That thing u claimed ur family know that online inlaws don’t know, let me ask u is May part of that thing u guys know that warrant this online humiliation? Was May part of d agreement of that thing u guys know? Or is it Judy that is feeding edochies family. God is watching all of u in that family. But d fact is that May will laugh at last but there shall be no peace for d evil doers and supporters of dis action yul…..take”.

Lince responded with,

“According to Late Tupac Shakur, don’t judge me if you don’t know me…. Abusing my family over what you know nothing about except reported speeches online makes me laugh in Swahili. I wont trade words with you. Have a blessed day”.

This is coming days after Yul Edochie unfollowed May on social media.

Since his affair and remarriage to his colleague, Judy Austin, months ago, his first wife, May Yul Edochie, had countless times hinted at divorcing her husband.

Immediately after the news broke out of his betrayal, May Yul Edochie severed ties with Yul as she unfollowed him on social media.

However, Yul Edochie was still following her and commenting on her page.

The actor even celebrated with his wife and son when they bagged a huge endorsement.

Tontrends did a check on his Instagram page and noticed he had dropped a follower.

We dug into it and noticed that the actor was no longer following his wife.

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