“Please protect your happiness, this social media is demon!c” – Nosa Rex cries out

Nosa Rex claimed he is still active on social media because it is one of his sources of income. He lamented the toxicity and demonization of the platform.

Speaking of how people used the platform harshly, he warned against using ones fame to create enmity without worries of the future.

Rex also spoke about how he used his platform wisely to make ends meet, catch cruises, cure himself of depression and sadness and also bring joy and laughter to others.

“Truth be told .. if no be MONEY wey person dey make from social media. God know say I for don comot tey tey.

Guys pls protect your happiness.. This social media is toxic and demonic. As for me. I am here to hustle , catch cruise and talk kuntus and melelemele cos it cures depression and sadness. I just want to bring joy and laughter to my people through my craft.

Do not use your fame to create enemies for yourself. Where we dey go still far. We fit wake up one morning everything don go

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