Photos: See how these Nigerian Triplet celebrated their Birthday


A Nigerian lady, Tomiwa, and her triplets sisters have shared lovely birthday photos.

The photos went viral as so many people wished them well. The sisters struck different poses in a way that show how happy they were Children are not only some of the blessings of a family, but they could be all shades of beauty when they finally grow up.

While parenting could be a very challenging task, it pays off when the efforts one puts into it turn out well.

In the case of Tomiwa and her triplet sisters, the joy of motherhood is reflected in a clear form. On Monday, April 13, they shared a birthday photoshoots and the internet won’t stop talking about them.

The triplet sisters wore smart wine gowns as they struck very lovely and carefree poses. Tomiwa, one of the sisters said in a tweet:

“Happy birthday to me and my loves”. Birthday groove: