PHOTOS: Etinosa finally reveals her boyfriend who she is 10 years older than


Controversial Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia popularly known as Etinosa is in the news again. This time, she isn’t smoking a page from the bible or using it as her ashtray, rather, sources have claimed that she is dating someone 10 years younger than her. Whether or not that is a hassle, is left for her to figure out but according to a photo from her stories on Instagram, ‘Age is nothing but a number to an extent validates this claim. She recently revealed on her instagram story a photo of her on the floor, leaning towards the thigh of a guy who is supposedly helping to make her hair. The guy is said to be Morien, up and coming Nigerian musician. She tagged him in the photo saying, ‘My happy place’ followed by the love emoji and another photo with the caption, ‘missing you already’. It is however safe to say Etinosa has joined her colleagues in the industry, Ini Edo and Tiwa Savage who are also dating men younger than them.

This could, however, be a stunt as we all know that Etionsa is a drama queen and will do anything to get the attention she deserves. This is quite evident from her video on MC Galaxy’s live story feed some months back and her recent act of disrespecting the Bible and the Quran. One would easily say that Etinosa took her last stunt quite far by involving the holy books used by two of the biggest religions in the world. She, however, has apologized to Nigerians and everyone concerned for her act. Many have however come out to insinuate that the actress is depressed and currently going through difficult times hence her recent acts but friends close to the actress have said that she is just being herself and having fun the best way she possibly can. Many have said she is doing perfectly well and not depressed. Only Etinosa surely understands the reasons for her recent actions and if it’s for trending purposes, one won’t deny the fact that it is working well for her. It is now fair to ascertain that the popular saying that there is no good or bad publicity is falling in place quite well.

Sources also claimed that the supposed person she is dating, Morien is tired of being private with the relationship and wants to go public, but Etinosa wants to still keep it private as she is unsure as to how the public will receive the news. Sources also say that her man is quite the jealous one and isn’t really comfortable with her traveling alone at certain times. It is however not surprising to some people that he is also in the industry.

There might be a large truth to this as some people have confirmed seeing her with this young man on one or two occasions but couldn’t place the relationship till recently. Etinosa could, however, be trying to let her man know that she has no hassles showing him off to the world, but if for anything, she needs to be extremely careful with her posts so she doesn’t get misunderstood.