Photos: Controversial SA Pastor still stepping on his members


Controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni, who has in the past given his members grass and fabrics to eat as part of his deliverance session, is still at his game despite being shut down and his church burnt down last years. During his sermon last Sunday February 28th, Penuel was pictured stepping on his followers who came for deliverance. See more photos after the cut…

According to the church’s post, the Pastor asked those who are sick to step out and follow him around the church. He then asked them to sleep on the floor and proceeded to step on them while praying. After praying, he asked them to check if they felt any pain in their body and they responded saying they felt nothing. Hmmm…
pst-step-on-members5 pst-step-on-members4 pst-step-on-members3 pst-step-on-members2 pst-step-on-members1 pst-step-on-members


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