Photo of Hushpuppi’s Private Jet that costs him millions to maintain


Hushpuppi is a name everyone in Nigeria knows. No one knew about him before until he surfaced on the scene a few years ago, and started dazzling everyone on Instagram with displays of his wealth. And before we knew it, he became one of the most popular big boys in Nigeria.

Hushpuppi constantly uploads photos of his lifestyle and possessions, which include – expensive fleet of cars, jewelry, luxurious shopping and holidays, etc. Added to that is a private jet which he personally maintains.

Below are photos of himself in his private jet:

We all know what it means to own a private jet anywhere in the world. It is a luxury reserved for only those who are extremely rich.

According to unverified reports that I gathered, it costs an average of 4 million dollars to maintain a private jet annually, and Hushpuppi has been doing this for some years now. So you can imagine the amount of money this young man has.

Up till today, no one knows how he made his money. But he disclosed that he became wealthy after traveling to Malaysia, where he hustled for four years. But how he hustled for the wealth he has never mentioned.

Because of the questions that surround his wealth, many people have come to identify him as a yahoo boy, and so far he has not come out publicly to disprove that.