Philanthropist laments that prison officials are allegedly stealing pads meant for inmates

A woman who donates sanitary pads to prisons for female inmates has claimed that the pads are not getting to the inmates.

She alleged that the pads were being diverted by prison officials.

She wrote: “Nigeria’s not even a real place.

“You’ll be emptying your account supplying period products to incarcerated women, meanwhile wardens will be carrying more than half the pads to their own houses.

“I’m tired mahn. I honestly quit.”

She added that many of the women in jail are “awaiting trial” and have not been tried or convicted, yet they are being denied basic necessities like pads.

Calling out the prison officials, she added: “You won’t provide pads. The one people are providing you’re collecting??? When evil befalls you now you’ll say it’s the devil?? Do I look like I shit money outta my ass???”

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