Peter (p Square) begs Davido to help repost his new song “too late” has it gotten so bad for Peter?


So yesterday on Instagram I was on Davido’s insta story feeding my eyes on his expensive lifestly and that of his crew then he was bragging about his hair and beard and mention kcee, e money and Peter to come see his cute airline.

Well fast forward and then he posted a screenshot of his conversation with Peter with Peter saying Davido’s hair is not as dope as his tho.

I was about leaving his page when something caught my attention, boom it was their earlier private chat which I believe Davido unintentionally screenshot with the recent ones.. Can’t belive what I saw, it was Peter asking Davido to help him post his single saying he will appreciate that more.

I must say I find this very shocking, has it gone that bad for Peter that he can’t make his songs go viral himself or what!