Pete Edochie My Crush Inspite Of Age Says Liberian Actress, Blessing Brown


For Liberian- born Nigerian- based actress, Blessing Brown, older men are the real deal and are more suitable for marriage because of their wealth of experience.

The movie starlet who has featured in over 10 Nigerian films since she came into the country two years ago squealed her inner most desire of resting her body in the arms of veteran actor, Pete Edochie.

“Since I was a child I have been crushing on him. I still look forward to seeing myself in the arms of Pete Edochie. I don’t mind the fact that he is married; he is my dream husband. I like the way he talks, walks and acts. Nobody else can substitute him in my life right now. Not even his younger version, Yul Edochie; he doesn’t entice me. All I want is Pete and not his sons or look alike!

“I love him regardless of his age. Older men make good husbands. Age is just a number. If I love a 70-year old man, I don’t see why I shouldn’t marry him. I don’t have time for small boys still running around and wearing studs in their ears with lots of chains hanging around their necks.”

The actress added that aside being old, her lover’s pockets must be loaded as well.

“Any man that wants to date or marry me must be tall. I can’t date a short man because I will always be looking at him like he is my child. I want someone that I would look up to. He has to be rich and caring too. Handsomeness is an added advantage.”