Peruzzi responds to a follower who said ”school is scam” because he ended up as a musician after studying to be a medical doctor


Peruzzi shared a photo of himself dressed in scrubs at the start of the decade and another recent photo showing the number of streams on his music.

Peruzzi, who is now a musician, revealed he wanted to be a doctor.

He shared a photo of himself dressed in a surgeon’s scrubs and mask. He also shared another photo showing how well his music is doing on Apple Music.

He captioned both photos, “Start Of A Decade • End Of A Decade.”

He added: “At some point I really wanted to be a doctor. Don’t know how I turned a Marlian. Thank God sha.”

A follower replied, writing: “God no go shame us o My nigga really practiced medcine!!!! And person tell me say school no be scam? Or i no follow my passion?? Lmaooooooo

And Peruzzi responded: “School no be scam.”

He also added: “No genius never failed.”