“Pere go soon invite big brother come him HOH lounge for diary session” – Reactions as Pere turns Gereral as HOH demands Respect (VIDEO)

General Pere’s tenure has officially started, Are you people here for it or nah Watch the video below and see for your self

@do2dtun: These are the type of class Captains people gather to beat after school is over 😂.. we don’t even obey ordinary traffic rule.. Oga if your neck dey heavy, remove the chain 🤣

@sida_sm: Lmfaoooo! How did nobody burst out laughing

@sabitalkofficial: The same person wey dey talk say if him become the president of Nigeria say his going to change everything, na ordinary head of house them give am oh, and now him don dey act like U.S president, fear who nor fear human beings

@lynsucre__: That statement he made at the end is very condescending. Ordinary head of house and he’s addressing his fellow housemates like this

@zimena01: Pride don finish this one life to the point he talk through his teeth

@kekekurkova: Hv I made myself clear and they actually responded 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

@iamibukunolu: Whitemoney is unbothered as long as there will be food. Dude is a complete vibe

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