“People know what they are doing, stop making excuses for rubbish behavior” – Vee Iye

Reality tv star Vee Iye has dished out some advice on why people should stop making excuses for other people’s behavior.

She revealed that most people know exactly what they are doing and should therefore be treated as such.

In her words, she expressed,

“people know what they are doing, stop making excuses for rubbish behavior.”

Now, recall that back in January of 2024, Vee Iye had cried out over the current economic situation in Nigeria. She had also expressed that Nigeria were giving it really hard to its citizens, no rubber, making a clear comparison to condoms.

She cried out over the fact that £10 was now currently the equivalent of 17,200 Naira. She also sarcastically remarked on how wonderful it was. She revealed how she was unable to run back to the UK, which is her other country, because the citizens there were also going through a lot.

About a week ago, Vee Iye had revealed that she was going to quit alcohol. She had also expressed the major reason she was quitting alcohol. She informed her followers that she was worried over the way she acts whenever she had alcohol in her system. She also expressed that she became too friendly when she had alcohol, which was unlike her in real life.

Furthermore, she also revealed that with the current situation in the economy, she was not certain that she was taking the right alcoholic drinks. Hence, why her hangovers were getting worse than before.

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