“People get mind ooo” – Fine lady causes stir in marketplace as she shows off her dramatic hairstyle (Video)

A Nigerian lady has caused significant attentions online as she showed off her newly acquired hairstyle.

When it comes to fashion and style, people tend to have varying ways of self-expression, some more daring than others.

In a video rocking the air online, the young lady chose to sport her thread hairstyle made with wool as she stormed a marketplace.

The threaded hairstyle was sectioned into small partitions, giving her a umbrella-like appearance.

Watch the video below:


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While some questioned the choice of hairstyle, some did not quite approve of the lady being filmed without her consent. Read some comments below:

Anderson Henry692 said, “people get mind oooo 😅😅😅”.

QUEEN OF CONTENT 🦋♥️ said, “☂️umbrella hair style 😂😂😂😂”.

bblashly90 said, “celebrity no pass this one😳😂😂😂”.

Resh said, “the roofing is okay… iron sheets remaining 😂😂”.

Clara bea said, “i don see my Christmas hair 😂😂”.

Geraldene Kaka said, “the igbo’s proverb said “cover your face with a basket and tell the king his wrong doings”..our sister took it to another level

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