“People are talking, dirty boy is talking” – Bobrisky replies Portable

In a recent development, Crossdresser Bob Risky has responded to Portable after Portable called him out for winning Best Dressed Award in a Female Category.

Now recall that just a few minutes ago, Kemi Filani had reported that singer Portable had blasted Bob Risky for winning an award in a female category. Bob Risky had also stated that it was time for BobRisky to get arrested while spotlighting the attention of the police and the Nigerian government on Bob Risky.

Now in response to this, BobRisky took to Instagram to slam Portable for his statement. He expressed that Portable needed to learn how to mind his business. He also further stated that God would punish Portable for his statement.

He threatened to take Portable to a place where he would be dealt with and that his career would finally end. Ending his note, he expressed that if other people were talking, the dirty boy Portable should not be the one also talking.

“@portablebaeby ogun wan kpa ur mama? Wetin concern me with ur life? I resemble ur fellow people in d BI. ghetto? Na God go pemish you. If you try shik with me iwill take you to where they will deal with u and you ur deed career will end finally.

Olomiber uku Omcale

People are talking diety boy is talking boy come put mouth ewww

6portablebaeby you stink.”

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