Peace Hyde reacts to H&M using a black child model without styling her hair


Peace Hyde has weighed in on the controversy generated after H&M featured a black child model whose hair was not styled.

A number of people called out the clothing retail company for not styling the black girl’s hair the way they would a white child’s hair before a photoshoot.

But Peace Hyde does not agree that there’s a reason for an outrage and she took to Instagram to share what she thinks about H&M and the black child model.


Sharing a photo of the beautiful model, the host of Forbes Africa’s My Worst Day wrote:



N A T U R A L • B E A U T Y..
I see a BEAUTIFUL black girl with a pulled back bun of her LOVELY, natural hair. –

Anyone seeing anything negative in this picture, must understand that THEY are the source of the NEGATIVITY. They are projecting negative anti-black ideas on HOW her hair grows NATURALLY. It’s fixed ALREADY! –

I hear people encouraging us to “EMBRACE OUR NATURAL SELVES”…well, THIS is NATURAL. Stop picking and choosing what’s considered appropriate hair for AFRICAN or AFRICAN AMERICANS just because she’s posted on H&M. EITHER embrace ALL natural images or STOP complaining when others don’t! What did you expect? A lace frontal with baby hairs? ??‍??