PDP will be gone soon, tell me who wants to wake this party when the likes of Wike are angry – Fayose

In the course of his discussion with TVC news reporters, Nigerian politician and the former Governor of Ekiti State, Peter Ayodele Fayose just made an analysis of the future of his party, the People’s Democratic Party (APC) ahead of the next election as it seems likely that the showdown is going to be between APC and LP which may render his party redundant.

In response, he reportedly said, and quote: “PDP will have gone that time. You see tell us who wants to come and wake this party when the likes of Wike are angry. Tell me who wants to wake it? Atiku will soon finish now and go to Dubai. Atiku will soon go to Dubai! I mean this is not negative because that is where he stays.”

“So you see all this rally that they were doing yesterday is just to say that I tried before I left that was why you saw all those rallies nothing more. All those protests but you can’t blame him, he’s an elderly man at some point he has to go and rest his life he has tried.”

Watch the full video here at 14:02.


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