Pay our scholarship stipends – Nigerian students abroad beg Tinubu

Nigerians studying overseas, under the Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Scholarship, have asked President Bola Tinubu to pay them their stipends.

The coalition, which represents Nigerian scholars in countries like Russia, Morocco, Algeria, China, and Hungary, called on Tinubu to help them out as students are facing severe hardships abroad.

Ayuba Anas Yushau, the spokesperson for the Coalition of all the Nigerian Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Student Association, said in a statement on Wednesday, March 6.

“For the past six to eight months, scholars enrolled in various institutions abroad have endured financial strain due to the delay in receiving their stipends.

“In addition, from the last payments we received (March-August), there was a shortfall of practically two and a half months’ payment. Moreover, some students in China have not received any stipends since they arrived in April and May 2023.

“In some cases, there has been a shortfall of nearly two and a half months’ worth of payments, and this has had serious consequences for our well-being.”

He said in countries like Morocco, there are no school-provided hostels therefore students must secure and pay for their own accommodations.

Yushau noted that the critical stipends intended for basic living expenses have been withheld, leaving the students without the means to afford housing, utilities, or food.

He added that In Russia, the increased cost of living coupled with the stipend delays is causing hardship.

“Forced to navigate financial hardships amidst the pressures of academic stress, many students have been pushed to the breaking point which is diverting their focus from their primary goal of academic excellence.

“Due to the economic reality of the nation, we receive insufficient or no additional support from our parents. Moreover, prohibitions on employment in many of our host BEA Countries restrict our ability to supplement our incomes.

“We implore the Nigerian government to recognise the plight of its scholars abroad and take immediate action to alleviate their suffering. As the nation grapples with economic hardships, it is imperative to prioritize the welfare of our students who represent the future of our country,” the Union stressed.

“We earnestly plead with our President, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as a father figure and a visionary in education, to intervene in this pressing matter. His intervention in ensuring the prompt disbursement of our stipends will not only alleviate our current hardships but also allow us, his scholars, to focus wholeheartedly on our studies.

“We are confident that under President Tinubu’s compassionate and forward-thinking leadership, swift action will be taken to resolve this issue, enabling us to continue our academic pursuits without the burden of financial strain.”

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