Paul Okoye’s son plays piano while twin sister dances to the music (Videos)


Children are too funny sometimes. They like to do whatever they see their parents do. One thing with children is that they learn very fast and then surprise you with it. I must confess, Paul Okoye is so lucky to have children who at their age have started following their fathers footsteps. The photos we have below are interesting photos of the singers children, practising what they have seen their father do severally.

Recall that the music legend is a father of three children including a set of twins comprising of a girl and a boy. These twins are just to funny sometimes. They were seen in some photos shared on social media page of the music Artist, Paul Okoye displaying their music and dancing talents. The boy was seen playing piano while his twin sister was seriously dancing to the tune of the music.

These two are just vibes. But they really killed the show. What do you think? Please let’s know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Check out the video as shared by the music artist, Paul Okoye.