Paul Okoye Reveals money is not the root of all Evil. his question will surprise you.


– Paul Okoye is the second half of top group, P-Square

– He posted about money not being the root of evil and asked fans if they agree

Paul Okoye is the second half of Nigeria’s best group, P-Square which he formed with his twin brother, Peter. The duo have been active since 2003 and have given us hits like Busy Body, Do Me, Chop My Money and Onyinye.

On November 2, he posted a picture about money, asking if it is true of false. The post said: “This sh*t right here rules the world. They lie to you that it’s the root of all evil because they don’t want you to have it.”

paul okoye

Fans took to the comment section to say how they felt about it. In this recession, money can solve so many people’s problems and no one would care if is evil or not, so long as they have it.

Plus, Paul Okoye is one of the wealthiest Nigerian musicians and it P-Square’s hit single Bank Alert is based on true experience, he is swimming in money.

What do you guys thing? Would you refuse money because of all the ‘evil’ it comes with? Let us know in the comments.

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