Pastor Oyakhilome and Dino should stop deceiving nigerians: 5G and COVID-19 are not connected

It is important to make it categorically clear to all Nigerians that other than a vaccine or ventilators, tests and hospital beds, the best weapon against COVID 19 is reliable information. It is reliable information from World Health Organizations (WHO), Center for Disease Control and other public health officials that will allow Nigerians to act uniformly and decisively to minimize the rate of infection and flatten the curve.

In an ideal pandemic scenario, sound information is produced by experts and travels quickly to the public. In Nigeria as in some other parts of the world, we are living in a nightmare scenario where pastors and non-medical professionals are presenting themselves as medical experts.

This is the middle of a golden age for media manipulation and in Nigeria, the manipulation is worsened by political and religious biases.

The truth is that coronavirus is sneaky, resilient and confounding to experts. COVID-19 has moved far faster than scientists can study it. As a result, what seems to be true today may be wrong tomorrow. This has created some uncertainty. The result is that an array of dangerous misinformation, disinformation, and flawed amateur analysis fills the void.

In Nigeria, the conspiracy that #COVID19 is a result of radioactive radiation for 5-G telecommunication technology is being pushed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Dino Malaye. These two, erroneously believe and are pushing Nigerians to also believe the myth that 5G wireless signals are harmful to health have falsely linked the technology to COVID-19.

One thing Nigerians should permanently take off their concern list is that contrary to several recent misguided online rumors, 5G has no causal connection to COVID-19. In fact, according to a seven-year-long scientific study published just this month, 5G has no detrimental health effects in general.

So, stop listening to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Dino Melaye and follow the instructions of health care professionals especially on social distancing in order to expose yourself in harm’s way.

Please note that per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization web sites, studies have yet to provide any clear link between what’s called non-ionizing radiation that all forms of radio signals generate –everything from cellphones to TV transmissions to traditional radio signals – and human health.

For the purpose of information for Nigerians and those who do not clearly understand the science of radiation, non-ionizing radiation is a form that doesn’t have the potential to cause atomic-level changes to cells as, for example, X-rays or other more serious forms of radiation can if you are exposed to them for long periods of time.

The millimeter wave-based 5G service (mmWave) signals can’t pass through walls into buildings. Do, other than say, for example, swallowing or embedding a 5G mmWave transmitter into your body and letting it run for a long time, you’re safe.

Don’t let conspiracy theories confuse you and divert your attention from the real steps, as recommended by public health officials, you need to take in order to stay safe. In this era when scary health-related concerns have become all too real, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everything, including 5-G, is a potential threat as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Dino Melaye are currently pushing.

Let real science facts from WHO and NCDC remain your source for authentic information on what to do in order to remain safe.

Together, we can.

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